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A man who is currently single and looking for friends with a man

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Age: 69, Orientation: gay, Height: 5' 09" (175 cm), Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg), Body Type: athletic, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Arizona  >>  Cochise County


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retired working ranch foreman, Polish blue eyes, hair silver, look like Old West character actor central casting would send down as one friend put it. Bilinqual Eng/Sp, have worked ranches in Calif, New Mexico, Arizona, Central America, Hawaii. Still live at hq of good-sized wildland and flood- and wheel line-irrigated pasture ranch on the wild desert near Tombstone two hours from Tucson in the Borderlands on "road" you ought to think twice about driving your town car on. Remain on call for work like round-up, weaning calves, loading n hauling beeves to the packing house, troubleshooting machinery, taking care of our four horses. Maintain strong connection to & interest in Sonora and ranching life on that side of The Border & at home on either side of that fiction we call "The Line". HIV- but pos-friendly, play safe. Shaped by physical ranch labor, not working out but working outside. Appreciate masculinity & other men who have or do still work hard & who understand all that the brand you rode for means in your life, & about how you know you've gone from cowboy to rancher when two pens are in your workshirt pocket instead of one. Last relationship taught how hard it is for two older men to take up together what with their lives long set how/where they want, specially for one about hopelessly still tangled up in his old outfit's affairs like I am. I'm not likely to be looking to take up life outside the Southwest (say Santa Barbara to San Antonio) or Mexico. Got "dear cowboy" letter frm my pard not long back (2nd time he gave me the gate, that's enough)--outcome of trying a star-crossed long distance love finally done in by coronavirus restrictions, so don't know how long before my eyes get cold and restless & wounds be almost healed and we can all go anywhere we want when we want and I really look for someone new to love. Now wonder if that's even possible, much less practical, so prob'ly just looking for friends now, though undeniably the years are trickling down & that demands being on the watch for a good man, preferably within a hundred miles and one without a mother in her 90s who still can't accept her son's sexuality (much less mine) and who doesn't have a neo-Nazi housemate that comes with his house like Danvers in "Rebecca" and can't be dislodged. I give cowdog loyalty to a pard the same as I have to any outfit workin' for wages, but keep in mind the words to Waddie's "Horses, Dogs and Cowboys": When life bucks ya off in a canyon/and your only way out is a friend/any one of the three I have mentioned/will stick like a tick to the end/for horses and dogs and good cowboys/will give all they've got til they die/but latch the gate tight/or wander they might/without ever saying goodbye. Though it's not the driving force it used to be, still have my lifelong sexual taste leaning towards play on the rough side--want to have some men in my life who got aroused by the sight of the cowboy tied up by outlaws in those old tv Westerns, happy to take either role if you want to make that real but not into the heavier leather-bar scene; good fittin' wranglers, chaps, spurs, calloused hands from work get me goin' & if you're in shape and a bit twisted that'll work.

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Thinking hard over life itself, getting to be a long one now of living in the wildlands without a whole lot of gay male companionship. I'm deeply integrated into this remote rural community of ranchers and artists and retired professors who (mostly) don't care if I'm gay but take the attitude "He may be a queer cowboy, but he's OUR queer cowboy." I'm granted housing on this outfit for the rest of life, and put lots of time into the garden here that has maybe the most beautiful view of any in all the Southwest & I sure love to share it. I can grow about anything, from beef to orchids.. A few songs by Dave Stamey mean a whole lot to me, at this stage of my life on this range: "The Circle" ( ) and "A Song for Jake" ( ) and it still not being long since my last breakup, "Mountains of the Heart" ( ) and--songs that apply to two men trying to stay together, one of 'em a working cowboy, and how it falls apart and why ... "She left me this morning, went her own way/now and I'm sittin' here thinkin' in the heat of the day/an old played out land/and an old run down shack/I couldn't blame her if she never looked back ... Guess I can't be a cowboy/and keep a good wife ..." Dust on the Barbed Wire ( ) "Never fall in love with the tall men who ride/they are married to the seasons/and the cattle are their pride ..." Jealous of the Moon ( )

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