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A man who is currently single and looking for a long term relationship with a man

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Age: 54, Orientation: mostly gay, Height: 5' 04" (163 cm), Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg), Body Type: athletic, Ethnicity: white / european

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 CANADA  >>  Ontario  >>  Eastern Ontario  >>  Ottawa

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Long term relationship

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We have need of mature top dad to disciplinarian type male for long term for Parent early fifties. Looks forty or so at most. No gray hair, blue eyes and smooth skinned. Got in accident years ago with no face issues or body and only thing sometimes is slow to respond and bit add like. Boyish like baby face type. As well young in mind and similar to a 18 year old in some ways due to this. As well the way of dress and behavior. He was under a disciplinarian roll reversal with female and he was the fem in home doing the dishes, clean, pets and was not allowed to be a top or male like. And turned in to a fem roll in home. She is now passed on and he worked on farms before and loves animals. However he is psychologically gaybottom and would be very suited for long term top male city to farmer. like dynamics and enjoys both like environments He due to accident had teeth removed now dentures. However you would not notice due to he is so small and young looking. He is submissive and had no attention to his areas except lighter discipline if wanting that sort of result. Otherwise he was girl in home from bedroom to house chores. He is excellent at massage and has many hobbies he enjoys from camping to hiking, fish many other things. He can be a bit stubborn to new things and will drink or party with people if they take him out. On his own he does not. He also loves playing video games and other younger things. So if you are daddish like and are the man and prefer a more fem like male in home. However outside little boy looking and good worker and helper then he would be suitable for a male like this. He is none violent any sort. No sickness hivaids etc of any sort, and make a wonderful companion. Again though due to his condition he sometimes is young minded and wants to do things not that good for him and family prefer a male that would if needed now how to get their partner over their knee. This breaks any kind of issues that you might run across and he is use to this sort of attention and unless done may poat if many chores or things you want done. Otherwise he is a joy and very funny loving sort. You cannot be in to threesomes etc. Or holding against will or violent sort. Prefer christian like value male wanting long term. Please be at least 40+ age range , prefer 50 to 70 range or so and you are a full top. Dad like to domish sort and one who would enjoy if needed to discipline a backside sometimes from sensual to actually when needed more serious. One whom prefers a private dad to son like sort of dynamics. You can see our group here we have special needs virginmales. If you are a spanking male and want a longer term like dynamics country to city living well you may find one.. You can check here our group. no cost or sign up simply look over if one you like then contact and tell the number you like. You can ask any questions then if suitable go meet. https://sissyandmachos.my-free.website/about-me

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