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A man who is currently single and looking for friends with a man

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Age: 64, Orientation: mostly gay, Height: 6' 00" (183 cm), Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg), Body Type: average, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Pennsylvania

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I am looking for friendship. Like many other men, we're lonely. I don't mind being alone but lonely Grew up on a dairy farm years ago. I'm certain things are different today but miss it. I am looking for friendship. Like many other men, we're lonely. I don't mind being alone but lonely I mind.

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64 year old single man and I have the toughest time talking about myself and trying to fill out a profile like this. I've done it before but not for a long time. I'm an older man, single for the longest time and seek friendship and companionship with another man near my age. And that means monogamous. I've been down both roads, have grown kids and a few grand kids. Sure, I've made all kinds of turns in my life, good and bad; they were all learning experiences, some painful, others ecstatic. I like gardening, horticulture, art, science, reading and a whole bunch of other things that might bore someone else. Hell, some stuff you're into will more than likely bore me, too. But that's fair. I like Mark Simpson, Martin Simpson and Cormac McCarthy. I appreciate Odd Nerdrum's art, too. I have eclectic taste in music and I don't watch program television. Sometimes seems everyone's looking for their twin in a way which kind of tells me we're in love with ourselves. Maybe not, but that's a little scary and I thought maybe someone else has picked up on that. Maybe we really don't want to talk about that. Perhaps I just don't know myself well enough to share it with others or can't move outside my own comfort zone. I've been outside my comfort zone before; it was alright. I'm a bit enigmatic but not for selfish reasons; I can't help it. For the longest time I've kept others at some distance, didn't or refused to get close; it's hard to explain. Maybe it was for the better. I'm a little butch on the outside, not fem at all, guess I'm kind of average really, versatile in the sack and moody at times. Yep, definitely moody but not a bad person. Strong-willed with a dose of obsession thrown in for good measure. Respectful, usually quiet and observant. I like quiet. The world sure can be noisy and chaotic on the East coast. Depends who you spend it with maybe. I like to think I've a positive outlook on things usually and a sense of humor, too. I'm way more serious than I need to be. I try to be more realistic regarding the world and other people. But that makes me want to run away up north somewhere, find a cave and hide in till after the shit hits the fan for the rest of the world. I'm not particularly pessimistic though. Looking for friendship and definitely more. I'll edit this occasionally and get a few pictures up, too. Thanks.

My Details

Socio-Group artistic, average guy, butch, closeted, mature older
Hobbies & Interests art, cats, computers, dogs, gardening, music, outdoors, reading
Facial Hair beard
Hair Type short
Sexual Mindset versatile
Personality funny, honest, intelligent, laid back, loner, masculine, optimist, realist, romantic
Smoking non smoker
Alcohol non drinker, occasional drinker
Drugs non user

I'm looking for

Socio-Group average guy, butch, hairy man
Hobbies & Interests cats, dogs
Sexual Mindset versatile
Personality honest, intelligent, masculine, optimist
Smoking non smoker
Alcohol non drinker, occasional drinker
Drugs non user