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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship with a man

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Age: 42, Orientation: gay, Height: 6' 02" (188 cm), Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg), Body Type: athletic, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Illinois

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Always liked the mentality of farmers having come from an extended family of farmers. Open to meeting guys of a similar mindset to me.

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How to describe myself. Well, that's always a hard thing to do. It's always hard to see yourself objectively the way others truly see you. But here's my best attempt at my own description. To start off with just a full disclaimer that I don't work or live on a ranch or farm, though have a full appreciation for that lifestyle. Not pretending to be a cowboy. I grew up a blue collar kind of guy who found himself in a white collar world due to various circumstances and choices made for me beyond my control. Though I'm a white collar professional by day, my heart and soul will forever be anchored in nature and the more rough and tumble of lifestyles like ranchers, farmers, lumberjacks and outdoorsmen. I'm versatile enough to be comfortable in almost any situation, but am most myself at home with someone to care about and spend the evenings, sunsets and nights together. I'm not the kind of guy who goes for hookups, players or those obsessed with materialism. I'm a very old fashioned, conservative guy who has trouble finding a kindred spirit in mind. I'm the kind who needs to develop an emotional bond with someone before going any further. The kind of guy who still believes in taking it slow, getting to know someone and letting a true bonded connection infiltrate the soul and mind before anything else. The rest of the physical intimacy is great and comes in due time once the rest is in place. Also an extremely conservative guy here. I'm old fashioned in the Jeffersonian sense. The way this country was originally imagined by the founders. Unfortunately, the left has tried it's best over the past fifty years to destroy from within the great idea that this country was supposed to always be. They did their best to try to program me through college and social organizations, but I always resisted and stayed true to my convictions. I have no tolerance for the socialist left in any sense and do my best to avoid their slow, subtle attempts to subjugate society with false ideologies through their media manipulation, thug bandwagon mentality or extortionist legal maneuvering. I know there are guys out there who believe in the same things as me, but trying to find those guys is like searching through an endless labyrinth filled with fog. Hoping to find that one guy who shares my old fashioned values, morals, work ethic and knows how to treat people well with respect. I don't live on a ranch, farm or out in the country but I like that lifestyle. Many of my extended family members are farm owners and I've spend more than my fair share of time on them. Generally, I love all animals and have an interest in equestrian. It's been years since I've been riding, but my favorite horse breeds tend to be Arabians, Clydesdales, Andalusian, Lippizan and Palomino. Though I'm in the outer burbs of Chicago, I live near the part of the metro area with a lot of ranches and horse breeders. I live a standard suburban life for now due to work. But I still am the kind of guy who gets up before the rooster crows and in bed early. Highly disciplined, organized and focused on whatever endeavor I'm working on at the time. For now, still searching until I can find that one true soul mate. Who am I looking for? Well, I like guys who are conservative like me, are into fitness and working out to stay in shape (whether it be just for health or hardcore bodybuilding, it's all good). I tend to like those who are regimented in their daily life and can stick to a schedule, like getting up early daily sticking to a work pattern. What I don't like and steer away from are the generational snowflakes who never learned how to do anything for themselves, lack discipline and expect everything to just be handed to them. Kind of why I'm here on this site and in this community. It seems I have a better chance of finding that kind of stand-up guy I'm seeking among the ranchers, farmers, woodsmen and blue collar types as opposed to the yuppies and urban metrosexuals that I've unfortunately had to be associated with due to my two careers over the past 20 years. All in all, just looking for that one brawny, rugged kind of All-American guy with the faithfulness, loyalty and soul to match his incredible exterior. Someone I can deem a soulmate to spend a life with in the good times and not so good.

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